love is sacrifice

\”love is sacrifice\”

\’coz i\’m close to he
, she told me everything took place

\’coz i\’m close to her
, she makes me feel how love she bears
, she makes me feel how pains she sees
, she makes mefeel how tough love is
, she makes me feel her heart\’s beats
, she makes me feel all thorns she reaps
, she makes me feel her hell indeed

and she never knew that i have been told
, that their love can never be strong
, that they never fitted the match
, that he may leave her with no come back
, that he shall give her nothing in back
, that he was using her for his sake
to amuse him and to tell him tales
, that he proved to be nothing but snack
, that he seemed heartless, cruel and fake
, that he may trait for anyone\’s sake

but i told her not to be such weak
and to decide if she can procced
and to let heart decide not brain
if it is really able to sustain
and i told her:\” I leave u now\”
\”to make u think rightnow not then\”
she grasped my arm :\”Don\’t leave me now\”
\”i say to u i made a vow\”
\”that he shall be my love for all\”
\”that we two share all thoughts and soul\”
\”that without him my life is hell\”
\”that i must ignore his sins as well\”

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